Sunday, January 17, 2016


So, as I promised so so long ago... I have a few flat images of some of the outfits I made with my pieces. I did however forget to photograph a little black dress I also used. My little black dress I wore on its own, with the sweater as a black pencil skirt, and with the green maxi skirt as a top.

I did the challenge for about 3 weeks. I did repeat outfits during that time. But, I wanted to show that it was possible and even with a few versatile pieces there is always something to wear. Ask questions, comment... I want to hear from you!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Living out of a suitcase

A few months ago my lease on my old apartment ended. I was hit with some unexpected news and had to plan to crash on a friend's couch for a while. I was used to having my whole closet and lots of options at my disposal. I knew if I had to take up the least amount of space possible in my friend's living room, I'd have to condense. Living out of one small carry-on sized bag for clothes was going to be the best option. So, before putting my things in storage, I had to set aside 10 pieces for daytime/night-out wear. This 10 did not include shoes. I kept a collection in my car in case I needed to quickly switch. But, my 10 piece wardrobe that could last me 30 days taught me so much. I can't wait to share it with you all!!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Being Impeccable With Your Words

I have always loved reading. But, as an adult I don't seem to have as much time to sit and read for hours (for leisure anyways). Unless I am on vacation. So, I tried audible by recommendation of my line sister. So far, I've listened to a few great ones. One of my latest favorites is the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I encourage everyone to read it!

I wont spoil it for anyone. But, I will share one of the messages that stuck with me. "Be impeccable with your words". Be honest and true. Which isn't easy. As human beings, we are all being influenced by several different things at any given moment. When you are have a bad day, you may perceive everything around you in a negative way... Just because you're bothered by something else.

Recently, I found myself failing at being impeccable with my words. I ran into someone who hurt my feelings a few days before. I said some things. Some of which I didn't exactly mean. Now, normally I would just say "oh well" and Kanye shrugged it off.  But, words mean things and they have way more power than we realize sometimes.

So understand that what you say, actually matters. Your words do have an effect on others. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's ok to ask for help

I've always appreciated the feeling of independence. So, it's generally a bit of a shot to my pride when I have to ask for help. I never want to feel like I'm burdening anyone and sometimes it can feel just a bit embarrassing. But, I've had many situations where I couldn't afford to be shy about needing help. 
Lately I've been encountering a few different scenarios where this has come up.  I'll share a few.  First off, I started a new job with GAP inc, as a brand ambassador with Banana Republic. Even after working for a few days, I'm still excited about the opportunity. But, when I say retail is no joke; I mean it. It reminds me of interning with stylists lol times 10.  The busiest moments spring up on you and you could be working with 5 customers in a fitting room, pulling shoes, grabbing other size options, styling 3 people, and helping your coworker. How do you get it done and make sure everyone is happy? (While still learning the ropes and lingo?) YOU ASK FOR HELP.   
As a part of any team or group, you should never be afraid to ask for help if you need it.  You should never be so bashful about needing a little help... No matter how independent you are. 
This is something that I'm constantly telling my cheerleaders. One of the most frustrating things for me to hear is that any one of them are failing. I usually hear the news from the administrators. These kids seriously just don't do what they are supposed to in class... Then try to show up to practice or a game... Highschool homework just isn't that hard, and if it is... Let someone know so we can help you! <----- that is my general feeling about their school work.  You have to do it, if for any reason you can't... I'll personally find you help! 

I say all of this to say... The same way I don't want to fail my kids by not getting the help... The universe doesn't want to fail you. Sometimes you just have to set your pride aside and say "hey, I'm having trouble doing this on my own. I need help!"

Friday, February 20, 2015

There's a stranger in my house.

Okay, now before anyone gets all dramatic on me lol here me out:

Last week, my roommate got a message from someone she knew from home. The message basically said that she moved to LA and had run out of money for a hotel and she needed a place to stay for the night. So, all of us knowing how hard moving far away from home can be said it was okay.

So the deal was that miss lady would stay the night on the futon and then find a place to stay the next night. We offered her some suggestions on how to find a place and briefly talked with her about her move. Over the course of about 24 hours we discovered the following:

1. She did not have any job lined up. She in fact left her masters program (she was being paid to be a teaching aide) She hadn't even looked at positions until the day before when she was "evicted" from her hotel.

2. She had not contacted anyone she knew who lived in LA prior to her showing up. She obviously hadn't made arrangements to stay with anyone until she found a place to stay or a job. (which is something you can do for a short period of time, otherwise make arrangements to help with some bills for your friend)

3. She basically decided to be super irresponsible and booked a flight, packed her bags, and rolled out. She hadn't planned anything! NOTHING! In fact she spent the next day scrolling through her social media, giggling from our living room, not looking for a place to stay, and researching a film festival.

Note: this woman is about 30 years old. She's too old to not have: searched for jobs before moving... not have found a place to stay, let alone researched hotel stays, or avg rent prices... to have booked a one way ticket to a place she had never been to before.

Look, I am all in support of people chasing their dreams and living in purpose. But, I would not encourage anyone young or old to fly out anywhere without any preparations. Do not up and move anywhere and fail to plan, unless you plan on being homeless and hungry.

In case you were wondering, she has been gone for several days, she ended up wearing out her welcome and stayed 3 days. She seemed really sweet, but she was manipulating several people into feeling bad for her and trying to make our couch her home...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Post Grad- I am unemployed

3 months ago, if you had asked me what I would be doing after graduation I can almost assure you I wouldn't have predicted correctly. My contract ended at my previous company. With my new found free time I have dedicated my time to coaching a team of high school cheerleaders, exercise, and make more bags. It has been a decent way to pass the time I have left when I am not sleep or applying to jobs.
It's too easy to get discouraged and upset about the amount of time things are taking. But, quality sometimes takes a little extra time. My waiting season doesn't need to be filled with fears of things I can't control. I'd rather come out of it in great shape and spirit.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I came, I saw, I conquered... Well kind of

I graduated!!!! Whoop whoop. In December... I basically got s*** from everyone because I didn't shout it from the rooftops. Mainly because I had been working like crazy to get all of my projects completed. Including my portfolio; which relied on the finished projects.
That meant finishing my program provided a sense of relief. For a quick second... I could breathe, hang out, feel good about sleeping, go to Disney Land. (lol I did go to Disney Land and the food made me sick. why Mickey why???)

I digress... The point is that I am very proud of myself for setting a goal and reaching it. BUT, that just means that I built my foundation for the structure. I still need to take the time to improve my skill set and knowledge. That means doing research, picking up my marker kit, playing around with Adobe CC, and making patterns for bags. I am currently applying for positions at different retail companies for visual merchandising. I took a likening to it during my windows class.